About the Conservation Area:

Owned and managed by the Grand River Conservation Authority, the Chilligo Conservation Area is often overlooked greenspace located within the city of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

The land sits adjacent to the Speed River and is comprised primarily of deciduous Carolinian forest, grassy meadows, and thick marshlands. Ellis Creek also flows through Chilligo, where along its banks you will find flourishing Cedar trees and abundant riparian life. For a sampling of Chilligo’s beauty and biodiversity, please visit our Gallery Page.

About the Friends of Chilligo:

The Friends of Chilligo is an independant volunteer group formed in 2007 in response to environmental damage that was being caused by a handful of individuals illegally using motorized vehicles within the conservation area. See the At Risk page for more information.

Mission Statement:

The Friends of Chilligo are dedicated to the protection of the Chilligo Conservation Area, by encouraging community stewardship and promoting ecologically responsible use of the land.

The Chilligo Valley