New Photos from Chilligo

We’ve recently expanded and improved our photo gallery with help from several members who walk Chilligo’s trails throughout the changing seasons. The new gallery will give you a fantastic look at some of the plants and animals that are found in the conservation area.

If you too have a beautiful or amazing photo from Chilligo that you’d like to share, just let us know by sending us a message via the contact page.

Juvenile great horned owl

2010 Spring Tree Planting at Chilligo Conservation Area

community tree planting 2010

Many thanks to Cambridge Stewardship who have donated the trees, and to the Grand River Conservation Authority who are providing the land and support for The Friends of Chilligo.

See you there, rain or shine!


Volunteer planting of 70 large trees!


-Randomly mix species throughout the block. Leaving at
least 2-3 shovel lengths in between.
-Mulch tree after planting
-When possible removed Common Buckthorn and/or Manitoba Maple, replant removal area with native stock.


Bur Oak – Sapling 5′ x 15
White pine – Potted x 35
White cedar – Potted x 20