Neighbourhood Notice


Residents of Silverheights. For too long we have been tolerating the people that have turned our neighbourhood into a motorized vehicle playground.


According to the Region of Waterloo Transportation and Environmental Services Dept.and The Police, riding motorized vehicles along the dirt highways that have appeared along Hespeler Rd. and Maple Grove Rd. is ILLEGAL

According to The Grand River Conservation Authority, The MTO, The City Of Cambridge and The Police, riding motorized vehicles in the Chilligo Conservation Area and surrounding lands is ILLEGAL

Until a bylaw is passed totally banning ATV’s within the city limits of Cambridge we need a grassroots outcry against these activities that are affecting our quality of life.


1. If you see motorized “sport” vehicles in action please display your displeasure in whatever safe and legal means that you can.

2. Phone The Waterloo Regional Police at 519-653-7700(ask for Cambridge Dispatch) with as much info as you have to report any sightings.

3. Contact our Councillor and / or Mayor or anyone at The City Of Cambridge, as well as The Region of Waterloo and The GRCA.

Together we can end these activities that are compromising the beauty and environmental integrity of our otherwise great neighbourhood.

Hello world!

Much work has been done over the past two years attempting to keep this green urban oasis that we call Chilligo Valley as a passive use-nature preserve.  In other words :  feet, bicycle tires,  wings, paws, fins and hooves.   

Today we gave a tour of the area to our Ward 1 Councillor, Rick  Cowsill and Emil Marion,  Supervisor, Technical Operations with the Transporation and Environmental Services of the Region Of Waterloo.  This on the same day that our computer guy got this blogsite up and running.  We know that this is  an auspious sign!

Our  greatest concern is that this nature preserve and the Regional Road allowances of Hespeler and Maple Grove Rds have become a playground for dirt bikes and ATV’s causing much environmental and aesthetic damage.

Here’s the verdict folks.   As suspected everything these “sportsmen” are doing is illegal. 

But let’s not dwell on that now.  Let’s revel in this beautiful autumn that we’ve had so far and appreciate the fact that this area exists within our urban sprawled community.  We have much more work to do and much to say.  Please stay tuned.