Article In The Record

Hey folks, check this out. This was written with no prodding from us :


All terrain vehicles are destroying the city’s new hiking trail system along the Speed River in Hespeler, but nobody seems to be able to do anything to stop it.

And when hikers on the Mill Run trail in north Preston tell ATV riders they’re not supposed to be there, the response isn’t a warm one, says Bob McMullen, chair of the city’s trails advisory committee.

“I know a young man on the Mill Run has been accosted, physically accosted, for talking to the ATVers,” he said after showing city council pictures of people riding all_terrain vehicles on trails.

McMullen wants the city to pass a clear, anti_ATV bylaw with a $1,000 fine. He also wants police and city staff to enforce the rules to ensure safety for trail users. McMullen also called for city staff to carry digital cameras whenever they police the trails.

“People don’t like their pictures taken and that’s the only evidence you’re going to get,” he said.

Coun. Rick Cowsill represents Hespeler on council and has heard plenty of complaints about the all_terrain vehicles in his ward. He said the city already has a bylaw to ban them from the trails and sent a copy of it to Waterloo regional police. “I don’t know why we aren’t enforcing it __ the devastation, you’ve got to see it to believe it. It’s scary to see what these ATVs are doing,” Cowsill said.

Big rocks or posts are needed to block trails from all_terrain vehicles, but not people on foot or bicycles, he said. “These guys who are driving these things don’t give a hoot,” Cowsill said, as he called on staff to investigate the problem.

Coun. Gary Price said the issue will be discussed at the next trails committee meeting, of which he’s a member…

Bad News

The path on the Ontario Ministry Of Transportation lands on the western extreme of the Chilligo Valley running parallel to the bypass has remained for the most part a footpath with a nicely built wooden blockade built by a Friend Of Chilligo. Sadly we must report that the ATV riders have decided to establish this footpath as yet another highway through this wetland. The blockade was just bypassed at the expense of many young trees. We ask that local residents call the Police ( 519-653-7700 ) to report any sightings. Give us addresses and names which we will publish.

ATV enthusiasts continue to ride along the Mill Run Trail ( illegal ), continuing on to MTO land ( illegal ) , mudslinging on GRCA land and creeks ( illegal ) and have their way on trails within Regional Road allowances ( illegal ). Through their actions, these trails are being destroyed and new trails unnecessarily created, putting one of Cambridge’s last green spaces at risk.

Please help us protect this land. Report illegal riding and contact the City of Cambridge to encourage them to enforce their own bylaws.

Good News

We received an email from Councillor Rick Cowsill who it turns out has a happy history with Chilligo.  It seems there is already a bylaw in place concerning  the use of “fun” motorized vehicles within the city limits of Cambridge.  Yep folks.  It’s true.   The use of ATV’s , dirt bikes and snowmobiles is prohibited except perhaps on ones own private land.  Period!  Oh wait a sec.  I didn’t mention that Mr. Cowsill rides the Hespeler circuit with a constable at least once a month and  has promised us that he would remind and encourage the Police to enforce the following  :


Being a by-law of the Corporation of the City of Cambridge to prohibit the passage of motor vehicles upon any sidewalks, pathways or footpaths set apart for the use of pedestrians and to repeal By-law 141-84.

WHEREAS the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25, S.130 provides that a municipality may regulate matters not specifically provided for by this Act or any other Act for purposes related to health, safety and well-being of the inhabitants of the municipality;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Corporation of the City of Cambridge deems it necessary to prohibit and regulate vehicles of any description, whatever the motive power, being used, drawn, hauled or propelled along or upon any sidewalk, pathway or footpath used or set apart for the safe passage of pedestrians.



1. That in this by-law:(a) “”Motor Vehicle”” means an automobile, motorcycle, motor assisted bicycle, motorized snow vehicle and any other vehicle propelled or driven otherwise than by muscular power. (b) “”Maintenance Purposes”” includes the removal of snow and litter.2. No person shall drive, operate or propel any motor vehicle along or upon any sidewalk, pathway or footpath used or set aside for the use of pedestrians including those forming part of any highway or bridge, boulevard or other means of public communication, or being in or upon any highway, boulevard, park, park-lot, garden or other place set apart for ornament or embellishment or for public recreation.3. Emergency vehicles and vehicles used for maintenance purposes shall be exempt from this by-law.


4. THAT any person who contravenes any provision of this by-law is upon conviction guilty of an offence and is liable to any penalty as provided for by the Provincial Offences Act.