ATV’s Have Returned To The Chilligo

After 8 years of relative peace in Chilligo, ATV’s have returned to the valley.

Yesterday it was discovered that some people have started to ride all terrain vehicles on Chilligo Conservation Area’s trails. In 2005 Chilligo was subject to intense destruction by a small group of locals riding ATV’s throughout the summer. The Friends of Chilligo was formed in response to that destruction in order to protect the natural value that Chilligo provides our community and to protect the integrity of this thriving urban ecosystem. Through a media campaign, signage from the GRCA, and vocal persistence from our members, the message was eventually spread that riding in the valley is completely unacceptable.

The experience of 2005 demonstrated how rapid and severe trail destruction will take place in Chilligo if this illegal activity is not quickly stopped. Motorized Vehicles are highly inappropriate in Chilligo because they destroy the trails for all other community members. In addition, the sensitive creek ecosystem can become quickly damaged from the erosion caused by large machines.

We encourage all community members to be vigilant and report all incidences of motorized vehicle usage within Chilligo’s boundaries.

Following are pictures taken on May 1st 2014 of the trail near Clemens Ave: