We Must Remain Watchful

Yesterday around dusk, two four wheelers were seen entering Chilligo by one of our supporters.  A call was made and one of us went to check it out. It turns out they unloaded from pick up trucks on Blackbridge Rd. headed along Hespeler Rd. into Chilligo and then back again. They were confronted and reminded that what they were doing was illegal as well as being entirely unacceptable to the residents of the our neighbourhood.

These young men claimed that they were ” not from around here “.  This magnifies the bigger issue. The Region Of Waterloo must do something about those ugly rutted roads along the sides of Hespeler Rd.  As long as they are there, people will think that it’s OK use them and will be led into the greenspace causing more damage.

Twice in the past couple of years folks from the Regional Roads Operations met with members of the Friends Of Chilligo to hear our concerns and the Regional Police are certainly sympathetic. We need more of a commitment. What we ask for is Policing priority, restoration, tree planting and signs. It’s not all that complicated . This silliness has been allowed to go on for far too long. Step Up ! Please !